What Is Broaching?

Broaching is a highly technical and precise form of precision machining. It utilizes complex cutting tools with multiple rows of teeth that move over a workpiece to create predetermined shapes with consistency and precision. Broaching is among the most efficient and productive precision metal cutting methods in use today, able to manage machining of intricate contours as well as simple designs.

Meet the Broaching Experts at California's Mercury Broach Co., Inc.

Our team at Mercury Broach Co., Inc. manufactures broaches in-house at our large machine shop facility located just outside of Los Angeles in South El Monte. We use highly modernized and efficient machines for maximum quality, consistency, and precision.

Broaching Services

Some of the broaching services we offer include:


  • Production broaching

  • Punch broaching

  • New broach tools

  • Broach sharpening


With a wide variety of broaching machines in our Southern California broaching machine shop, we are able to offer extensive production broaching services to our clients. Our team is also able to recondition broaches to function as new. This is a cost-effective way to continue to ensure quality while protecting the function and longevity of the broach.

For additional information about our broaching services at Mercury Broach Co., Inc., or to receive a quote, please contact our office today at (626) 443-5904.

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