CNC Gear Hobbing in Southern California

Gear hobbing is a very fundamental method of gear manufacturing. Some of the benefits of this machining process include its:


  • Versatility

  • Efficiency

  • Productivity


Gear hobbing is a generating process. In the gear hobbing process, the workpiece and the cutting tool or “hob” move together in a rotational correlation. This means that the gear tooth is not created after the pattern of the cutting tool implemented in its development, but rather as a result of the joint motions of the workpiece and the hob.


Gear hobbing is used more than any other type of gear cutting. Most spur and helical gears are made using this technique. Gear hobbing may be used for various purposes such as gear cutting, cutting splines, or cutting sprockets for a milling machine known as a hobbing machine.

Precision Machining at Mercury Broach Co., Inc.

Our Southern California broaching and gear cutting facility uses CNC gear hobbing equipment to create precision parts for our clients. We have been offering advanced machining services for our clients since 1961. Our experience, integrity, and efficiency set us apart, and we are proud to offer competitive pricing and superior customer service to industry leaders in the aerospace, automotive, and commercial manufacturing fields, among others.


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Gear Hobbing in California