Precision Broaching & Gear Cutting in California

Mercury Broach Co., Inc. offers precision gear cutting and broaching services from our California facility to clients nationwide. In an industry where precision and excellence are key to our clients’ success, we have delivered. Mercury Broach has been serving leading clients across a broad range of industries for over 50 years. Our state-of-the-art facility is equipped to provide custom parts for clients in the aerospace, commercial, and automotive fields, among others. Our gear cutting and broaching services include custom broach making, production broach, broach sharpening, gear cutting, gear hobbing, and engineering.


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Advanced Machinery

Our Southern California broaching and gear cutting facility is located in South El Monte, just outside of Los Angeles. We are fully equipped with advanced machines designed to create products according to our clients’ specifications, including production broaching, custom broach manufacturing equipment, gear shaping, gear cutting, gear hobbing, and more. We also utilize a full scope of advanced inspection equipment. Learn more about our machines at Mercury Broach Co., Inc.

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